The mango on the floor
serves as a delicious banquet
for the brave coati.

A manga no chão
é delícia de banquete
ao bravo quati.

img - by Daniel Rockenbach
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Bamboo shoot
at the panda baby's mouth -
an epiphany.

Brote de bambú
en la boca del bebé panda -
una epifanía.

Pousse de bambou
à la bouche du bébé panda -
une épiphanie.

Broto de bambu
na boca do bebê panda -
uma epifania.

img -
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A hungry cayman -
he goes to the river
looking for fish.

Un caïman a faim -
il va à la rivière
chercher des poissons.

Caimán tiene hambre -
va para dentro del río
a buscar peces.

Jacaré com fome
vai para dentro do rio
em busca de peixe.

Thanks, Agnieszka Żuławska, good translation:

głodny kajman
wchodząc do rzeki
szuka ryb

img - photo by Elizabete Burkhardt

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                                                                      (to my love, elizabete burkhardt)

loll -
a dry leaf
coming down the sidewalk

à toa -
uma folha seca
passeia pela calçada

en vano -
una hoja seca
bajando por la acera

en vain -
une feuille sèche
se promène sur le trottoir

img - wallpaperstock

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The dream school

Once upon a time, in a  small city, there was a little boy named Henrique. He was very shy, but a smart child, and his secret dream was being one more kid in the kindergarten near his home.

He dreamed in studying (he thought he would "study" there), he wanted to learn quickly all the things of the world.

And the long-awaited day arrived... He was nervous. His mom helped him in the bath and chose a pretty outfit for his debut. His mother took him to carry out his secret dream.

The path was the same as his older brother had read to him from a marvellous book, full of dangers, with faboulous monsters every new step... They took forever to get to the castle, sorry, to the kindergarten gate.

His mother hugged him, kissed him on the forehead and said: "Go, my son. You will be happy here!"

First day at school,
a little child looks at the playground -
Where's the seesaw?

Primer día de escuela,
un niño mira en el parque -
¿Dónde, el sube y baja?

L'enfant à l'école,
il regarde la plaine de jeux -
Où est le tap-cul?

Criança na escola,
olhando para o parquinho -
Cadê a gangorra?

img at etsy
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Japanese garden -
a small bush is growing
in front of Buddha.

Jardin japonais -
un petit buisson pousse
devant le Bouddha.

Jardín Japonés -
un pequeño arbusto crece
frente al Buda.

Jardim japonês -
um matinho está nascendo
na frente de Buda.

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noonday sun -
under the shade of a pine
I take a nap

soleil de midi -
à l'ombre d'un pin
je fais la sieste

sol del mediodía -
bajo la sombra de un pino
yo tomo una siesta

sol a pino -
sob a sombra de um pinheiro
eu tiro uma sesta

Dialoga Rayuela:

sobre los pinos
llueve este mediodía
tomo una siesta

img - photo by C. J. Peters
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